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Lebron 14 Shoes often read history and thinking, the thinking is that good and evil things. Some of the greatest figures in the history of that, some gangsters, and some Faithfulness to the enemy, Lebron 14 is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, is not a good or bad can be prescribed. Characters such as the turn of the Lebron 13 Shoes, Ma Shiying, that Lebron 13 Governor Normal when that is member of several provinces in charge of military affairs, because Bribery was impeach, was the emperor decreed to dismiss pending trial. When the Qing south, if Lebron 14 Shoes think enjoying naturally have a better life, but Lebron 13 Shoes held banner of righteousness, justice division rate and Qing deal in western Zhejiang area, finally defeated the self-immolation, generously martyrdom. A corrupt, has now become a martyr; Lebron 14 is bizarre that Ma Shiying,Lebron 13 according to North Korea when Hiromitsu Asatsuna, call friends call party, gang seek private gain, it is held in contempt for the people of the world. However, many have the moral Yin name we have to build braided surrendering occasion, but endless solitary Fen, Lebron 14 keep on fighting until the enemy Suoqin, skinning charge grass. A crafty, pour into a loyal. More that Lebron 13 Shoes after surrendering to the Lebron 14 Shoes, spearhead, ever. Lebron 13 Mended to be reversed tip, put up anti-banner, by traitors become righteous?